Day 81: Up Close

So after last night’s… adventures… today was thankfully a bit more sedate. However, I did go for a nice walk along the River Corrib and one of the many canals that go through Galway (the Eglington Canal I am pretty sure.) While so doing, I took a bunch of pictures of things, and found myself zooming in a lot. So… a theme? Why not! UP CLOSE… with random things in Galway.

Like these pretty super red flowers! (which were across the canal or I would have zoomed more)

Or this underwater caution cone (…what. I think it’s cool. It’s trying to slow the water down but NOTHING CAN… or something)

Check out that sweet green dome (of the Galway Cathedral apparently. I could have gone in, but… I didn’t feel like it, so, uh, I didn’t. Cool story, right? Moving on…)

This is the face of equality (no really, the statue is called Equality. I liked her.)

Okay so I am stretching my theme a little here as I did not zoom much on this one, but as far as neat city minutiae go, a random cobblestone boat ramp (literally just going off the sidewalk into the river) met my bar.

It got real real windy when I reached Lough Corrib

Nifty arches in the water near the salmon weir

Water coming out of the canal wall

Old school flow control devices with bonus ferns

Metal sculptures of nature things are a particular weakness of mine

Up one of the canal channels where I could not readily follow on foot. It looks inviting

Galway has a lot of really awesome graffiti but apparently I am a hippie at heart (those of you who know me are shocked I am sure. SHOCKED.)

Best random Galway moment – couple dancing the tango to street music (captured on cell phone so no zoom lens but way too cool a moment to exclude)

This concludes our random tour of random things Corinne used a zoom lens on or otherwise liked while out walking. Tomorrow, my last day in Galway (tears!), whereon I venture to the Aran Islands (and probably take many, many more pictures!)

P.S. also I went to the Crane Bar for live music, following memories from many years past. It was a good idea. 

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