Day 82b: On the Rocks

Did you know there is a super sweet shipwreck on Inisheer? Because I didn’t.

Apparently this is the MV Plassy, not that I had the faintest clue about that until googling “inisheer shipwreck’ later on


Full of holes

Which you can go into?! This would so not be a thing at home but it was the coolest

Many rust very orange

I took about a gazillion pictures of this vessel, these are just the best ones. (IMO)

Also it was on another burren-beach

PS did I mention the Cliffs of Moher they are over there

Inisheer bovine can’t be bothered

How anyone coaxes food (on the hoof or in plant form) out of this place is mysterious and miraculous to me

O’Brien’s castle (which we saw from below) up close

In the “other things you would never see in America because lawsuits”, it is clamber-on-able and people seem to dig that. I forewent the opportunity as I was short on time but it looked really fun

Sunlight moving across the fields

That beach looks practically tropical

Farther away shot

Other interesting things on top of this hill!… which you can’t go into 😦 given that you are allowed to clamber all over the crumbling shipwreck and the castle ruins, there must be something real hazardous in here, or else just stuff they don’t want someone to steal

Cool cliffs

Super up close

Bronze age monument

I would like to stay and put my feet in the water but my ferry leaves in twenty minutes arrrrgh

Such turquoise

Aran Islands moment – yes that is a car leading a horse

Intact boats! (including the one I rode in on as well as a partially obscured cargo vessel bringing supplies. Also note the presence of my favorite sign off to the left)

I accidentally-on-purpose sat in the boat location where I was most likely to get sea-sprayed, as this photo slightly shows (if it actually showed it my camera lens would have ended up very sad). Thank goodness I had my rain jacket, so I could fully enjoy the experience. As on the way out, I could have gone below but… why would I do that?

And to cap off my last day before my travels home begin… ANOTHER RAINBOW? Okay it is a bit faint but it is totally visible and made me tear up. What a perfect way to end this incredible journey.

On my return from Galway, I was educated about yet more incredible Galway pizza by Nick (of Scrabble victory), who introduced me to the Dough Bros. Good stuff, guys. Good stuff. More delicious whiskey was consumed, and I took a last (for this trip!) nighttime stroll down Claddagh Quay. What a city.

I spent six nights here, but it didn’t feel that long. I wish I could have done the 12 nights I originally planned… but I am also grateful for the time I had in Northern Ireland, and if I had finished the Walk any sooner, well, I wouldn’t have been perfectly set up for that incredible night at MacNean’s. So. It is all as it must and should be, and it is all well.

But. Wow. I start heading home tomorrow. It feels almost as unreal as the fact that I was coming here felt, three months ago.

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